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Making Waves
Introducing "Making Waves," a stunning abstract art piece that captures the essence of movement and vitality. This acrylic on canvas masterpiece measures an impressive 36x48 inches, making it a standout focal point in any room. The blend of vibrant blue and green hues creates a sense of depth and energy, while the fluid lines embody the ebb and flow of crashing waves. Whether displayed in a modern living room or a sophisticated office space, "Making Waves" is sure to ignite conversation and admiration among art enthusiasts. Embrace the power and beauty of nature with this captivating representation of oceanic movement.

Making Waves

SKU: 0033
  • Unframed.

    Acrylic paint on heavy duty canvas with archival-quality natural cotton, with medium-weight cotton duck stretched around 1.5" profile kiln-dried stretcher bars.

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